The attorneys at Benson Allred Injury Law handle large and small car crash cases throughout Las Vegas and all of Nevada. After an accident, you need experienced, effective counsel to deal with insurance companies. Insurance companies use a variety of delay tactics to avoid compensating you for your losses. The attorneys at Benson Allred Injury Law will handle your property damage claim immediately and make sure you have access to excellent medical care to recover from your injuries.

Benson Allred Injury Law highly recommends the following tips after suffering an crash:

  • Call the police in order to properly document the facts of the accident and determine liability. This includes reaching out to potential witnesses at the scene of the accident and getting their names and contact information.
  • Always take photos with your cell phone of the driver licenses of all involved parties, their proof of insurance, and the damage to the vehicles.  Take a lot of photographs that depict how the crash occurred and where the vehicles were located immediately after the crash.
  • Call Benson Allred Injury Law as soon as possible and request a referral to a medical provider. Insurance companies will not pay for your bodily injury compensation unless there are medical reports and billing to substantiate your and pain and suffering.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, talk to the other driver’s insurance company about the facts of the accident nor your injuries. Claims representatives are trained to try to affect the value of your case by either asking to record your telephonic conversation and asking you key questions about the facts of the accident and the extent of your injuries.

The Las Vegas car crash injury lawyers at Benson Allred are experienced and always ready to represent you against insurance companies in any accident case, including motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian versus auto, and slip and fall cases. Insurance companies have adjusters, investigators, and lawyers to dispute your claims. You need the right attorneys to fight for you. The legal team at Benson Allred will get you the money you deserve and you do not pay us a penny until your case is won and you have your check in hand.

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