dog aggressively barkingIf you come in contact with a dog, there is always the possibility that the animal could bite. Even if you have been around the animal for several months or years, the dog might not be feeling well or might be experiencing other issues that could cause it to bite you. Sometimes, dogs will bite because they haven’t been trained or if they feel threatened, especially if you demonstrate actions that are aggressive. If you’re injured, an attorney from Benson Allred Injury Law, can offer assistance in filing a claim.

After you’ve been attached or bitten, you should seek medical care immediately to determine the severity of your injuries and to avoid infection. Even if the bite seems minimal, it could still become infected in the future if it’s not treated properly. Save all of the documents that you get from your doctor so that a member of the Benson Allred Injury Law team can create a file with the information needed to present your claim.  Also, make sure that you document your injuries with photographs from beginning to end. It is important to be able to see the various stages of your healing process, as well as any scars or permanent injury.

If the dog’s owner acknowledges that the bite occurred and admits responsibility, then it’s often easier for your attorney to work with the owner’s insurance company to obtain a settlement for your injuries as well as pain and suffering. Your attorney can request witness statements as well as any police reports that have been filed before putting together a claim. It’s important to report all of your medical bills and any treatments that you might need to have so that you can receive compensation for them or so that the dog owner’s insurance company can pay for the treatments. Any pictures that you have of your injuries or of the scene when the bite occurred can be given to your attorney as well.

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